Important information about orders for Cattle and Sheep Tags

Please note the following regarding tag orders: -

*Important - Whether you keep one animal as a pet or a commercial herd/flock you need to be registered with DEFRA. We require your Holding Number (CPH) and a Herd/Flock Number (supplied by DEFRA) to process your order. Find out more about keeping farmed animals.


  • To order cattle, sheep or pig tags you must create an account on the website and provide your CPH and Herd/Flock mark. You can do this when you place your first order.
  • The individual animal numbers on breeding sheep tags will follow on consecutively from your last sheep tag order. If you have never ordered sheep tags before then they will start at 1.
  • Pig tags will be printed with your pig herd number and extra management information can be added. For metal pig tags please visit

See more rules on tagging here.


  • Orders for cattle, sheep and plastic tags are processed and despatched directly from us. We will notify you as soon as the order has been checked and forwarded to them for processing.
  • We cannot accept PayPal payment for tag orders because we must have the CPH and Herd/Flock mark from your account to process the order.
  • You can normally expect replacement tag orders to be delivered the next working day but for new runs of cattle tags, sheep tags or pig tags please allow 5-7 working days and up to 10 working days during very busy periods.

Sheep & Goat Tags

FOR SHEEP & GOAT TAGS we require a Start Number- this will follow on consecutively from your last order or will start at 1 if you have never ordered tags before. Please enter your next number (if you know it e.g '64') or type 'next' in the box or type '1' to start at number 1.

See here for more information on Sheep and goat identification and movement and to find out why ear tags need individual numbers.

If your order ear tags or applicators at the same time as any other order they will arrive separately. This is because ear tags & applicators are sent directly from the manufacturing company.