Cheap Replacement Cattle Tags

cheap replacement cattle tagsAll farm livestock have to be identified with DEFRA approved ear tags. This is due to increased biosecurity and also to trace all movements of animals within the UK. Replacement cattle tags are used for re-identifying animals that have lost their ear tags or their existing tag is unreadable. You can get cheap replacement cattle tags for and replacement ear tags for sheep at Lazer Tags.

Replacement cattle tags

All cattle should be identified with a pair of tags known as Primary and Secondary Ear Tags, replacement cattle tags are designed to replace lost or unreadable tags. To find out more about cattle tagging visit the DEFRA website or to order you can order replacement cattle ear tags online- we have cheap replacement cattle tags available from Lazer Tags and Zee Tags.

Replacement sheep tags

If a sheep looses an ear tag it must be replaced as soon as possible. If the animal is identifiable by a second tag or you know the lost ear tag number, you can order a replica tag. If you have bred the animal yourself you can use your next set of tags to re-identify the animal.

However, if the animal is unidentifiable you need to order replacement ear tags. Replacement tags for sheep are only available in red. Apply both tags (with the same individual animal number) in each animal. These will be printed with your UK Flock Number and a new individual animal number. Use red electronic tags for sheep born after January 2010 and red visual tags for sheep born before January 2010. Order replacement ear tags for sheep online or visit the DEFRA website for more information.