Animal Tags

Cattle, Sheep, Pig & Goat Tags

Lazer Tags are printed using a high powered laser machine which provides long lasting, high quality text on cattle and sheep tags. We offer a great service with same day printing and local collection from our Thirsk Head Office.

Replacement cattle tags are only £2.75 collected or we can also deliver replacement cattle ear tags for just £1.20.

Our LaZer Tags App!

You can now order cattle and sheep tags quickly and easily via our App.

Cattle Ear Tags

New cattle ear tags, replacement cattle tags and cattle management tags available from Lazer Tags.

Sheep Ear Tags

Electronic sheep tags, EID & visual breeding tags & EID slaughter lamb tags, plus red/replica tags.

Pig Ear Tags

Choose from or range of plastic pig tags- Use plastic pig ear tags for breeding pigs or for pigs going to slaughter metal pig tags must be used.

Goat Ear Tags

Lazer Tags Goat Tags for goats and kids- Our goat ear tags are DEFRA approved Choose double (non EID) plastic goat tags or electronic goat tags.

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