Farm Supplies

Wormers and pest control for your cattle, sheep, pigs, horses & poultry

In addition to our range of animal tagging products we also stock a range of wormers, fly control and vaccines available plus worming/fly guns and vaccinators for horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry and pets.

Due to new legislation, we are no longer able to supply animal medicines online. If you require any information on animal medicines, or would like to buy a product from us, please contact us.


We stock a range of poultry supplies for the dedicated poultry keeper.


A range of cattle supplies including wormers and fly control.


A range of sheep supplies including wormers,  drench & fly control.


A range of horse wormers from Equest, Panacur & others.


We stock a small range of pig wormers including Flubenol & Ivermectin.