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Flies are not just a nuisance, they’re a major cause of disease, suffering and economic hardship around the world. We have a range of fly control products available for cattle.

Cattle wormers are available as pour on wormers, injectable solutions, drenches and boluses. The modern range of wormers for cattle is very effective against most species of worms and resistance is not the huge problem that it is with some sheep wormers.

Please ask us if you require further advice before deciding on a wormer.


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castration elastrator pliers

Castration pliers

£10.50 ex VAT
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Castration rings.

£1.95£7.50 ex VAT
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Coopers Spot On Fly Control

Coopers Spot-on Fly Control for Cattle

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Noromectin cattle wormer

Noromectin Pour-on Cattle Wormer

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Spot-On Application Gun

Simcro Pour On Application Gun for Spot on/Flydown Deltamethrin products

£17.00 ex VAT
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