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We stock a range of poultry supplies for the dedicated poultry keeper. We have poultry wormers, louse powder, coops and runs, nest boxes, water drinkers, feeders, leg rings and a range of feed and supplements.

anti-pecking poultry spray

Poultry Louse & Mite Treatments

If your poultry are suffering from red mites, lice, feather pecking or scaly legs- We have a range of products for poultry mite control and lice control available to buy online including poultry louse powder, red mite powder, anti feather pecking solution and more!

Poultry Wormers

We stock all the major poultry wormers. Worming your chickens and hens at regular intervals will break the chain of massive production of infective worm eggs and larvae and will prevent reinfection. Use a worming product that mixes into feed or worm your chickens the easy way with Marriage’s Layers Pellets with added wormer!

Remember it is also important to worm your poultry, even though they may not show symptoms is is likely they will be infected. We stock a range of poultry wormers including Flubenvet and Verm-X plus tonics and minerals to help improve condition.

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anti-pecking poultry spray

Anti-Feather Pecking Spray

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Flubendazole 1% Poultry Wormer 60g

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Poultry Louse Powder

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poultry mineral powder

Poultry Mineral Powder

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poultry septi-cleanse powder

Poultry Septi-Cleanse Powder

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Total Mite Kill Liquid

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vit boost poultry tonic

Vit Boost – Liquid Poultry Tonic

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